Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Tranquil Marine Services Terms and Conditions
Guarantee of service
Due to the nature of aquariums we guarantee the quality of our workmanship unfortunately we do not guarantee the livelihood of your aquarium inhabitants. The quality of workmanship would cover any damage unduly caused by Tranquil Marine Services. As the aquarium and its inhabitants are in your care we cannot guarantee their care when we are not present. It is your responsibility to notify us of any problems and concerns with your aquarium when they arise.
Payments for services are strictly COD (Cash on Delivery). If credit is extended by Tranquil Marine Services payment must be made within 5 days.
Payments for purchases via Tranquil Marine Services Website(s) are to be made via Paypal. Goods and services will not be supplied until cleared funds are received.
Payments for custom aquariums require payment in full at time of ordering. A 100% cancellation fee applies for all custom aquariums after payment is received.
Payments for standard size aquariums, hoods and stands listed on Tranquil Marine Services website(s) are strictly COD (Cash On Delivery) or pickup. Aquariums will not be posted. A non-refundable deposit may be required.
Late Payments / Partial Payments
If payment is not received by us on or before the due date an administraion fee of $20.00 may be charged per week. Partial Payments or Split Payments received before the due date may also incur a $20.00 fee. We may waive or charge these fees at our option. Waiving a fee on one or more occasions does not mean we will waive these fees on all occasions and we may charge you these fees on or after the due date or date of payment.
We may also charge at our option a finance charge of 10% per week on all outstanding fees and charges and amounts, charged weekly or part thereof on the accumulated amount when full payment has not been received within 30 days of the due date.
Payments due that are more than 30 days past their due date will be issued with a notice of demand, with 7 days to make full payment. If full payment is not received within 7 days of issue date of the notice of demand we may-
1. Refer the account to a private debit collection company for full recovery
2. Start proceedings at Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for fully recovery.
Any associated costs or fees relating to the recovery of outstanding payments will be payable by the customer.

All Labor in quotes are estimates
Due to the nature of work labor on all quotes and estimates and will billed as per the actual labor needed to complete the job which may be more or less than the quoted estimate. Labour is not charged until the completion of the job or at milestones within the job. The customer agrees by going ahead with any quote or estimate that labor will be charged by actual labor undertaken and agrees to pay any additional labor over and above the quoted estimate.

We break it we fix it guarantee

The we break it we fix it guarantee is part of a preventative care procedure and covers items moved by Tranquil Marine Services. Any such items found to be damaged during the course of the move must be identified and disclosed to Tranquil Marine Services or their representative before the completion of the job. It is the client’s responsibility to insure these items are checked prior to sign off. Damage guaranteed items must then immediately be reported on the day of the move by Tranquil Marine Services for repair guarantee. This guarantee will be null and void for damaged items are not disclosed prior to the completion of the move. This guarantee does not cover any item not proven in working order prior to relocation.
* Manufacturers warranty only applies on all equipment supplied by Tranquil Marine Services subject to manufacturers terms and conditions. Customer is responsible for any costs associated with repair or warranty claim.
* We offer a DOA (Death On Arrival) policy on fish. If it arrives in its bag dead then will replace or refund the fish at our discretion. A photo must be taken and emailed to sales@tranquilmarine.com.au immediately.
* We offer a 24 hour DAA (Death After Arrival) policy on fish. If the fish dies within the first 24 hours we will replace or refund the fish at our discretion subject to water samples and tests returning acceptable levels. If water sample cannot be supplied or tests return unacceptable levels, no refund or replacement will be given.
Unless stated to be otherwise, charges referred to for any goods or services supplied (or offered for supply) within Australia via Tranquil Marine Services are subject to GST. GST means the Australian goods and services tax charged under A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (“Act”). Tax Invoice means tax invoice as defined by the Act.

Refund Policy

You are entitled to return goods and ask for a refund, exchange or repair if the goods you purchased:

* Have a fault that you could not have known about at the time of purchase;
* Are not the same as the description provided by the salesperson or advertisement (with the exception of livestock due to natural variations in size, colour or otherwise);
* Do not match the sample you were shown at the time of purchase; and/or
* Do not do the job as you were led to believe.

You are not entitled to a refund if you:

* Simply change your mind or no longer want the goods;
* Realise you can’t afford the goods;
* Found the same item at a cheaper price elsewhere;
* Chose the wrong size or colour;
* Knew about the particular fault prior to purchase; and/or
* Were responsible for causing the fault.

Generally there are no refunds on services or water provided by Tranquil Marine Services.

Aquariums and Custom Aquariums may require a non-refundable deposit or may attract a cancellation fee as described in the Payments section of these terms.
General Terms and Conditions

Except as expressly provided otherwise in the Conditions, we reserve the right to change or discontinue any of our good(s), website(s), feature(s) or service(s) (or part thereof) at any time.
Except as expressly provided otherwise in the Conditions, we reserve the right to change the pricing for any chargeable service or goods or feature at any time without providing notice to you.
Tranquil Marine Services reserves the right to impose minimum order requirements at anytime, which may be changed by Tranquil Marine Services from time to time.
Tranquil Marine Services or the manufacturer of the goods may, without notice, change the range of goods and services or redesign or modify existing goods or services resulting in some goods becoming obsolete or unavailable and Tranquil Marine Services or the Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the you or your customers as a result. You undertake to advise any person or company to whom you sell any goods of this condition.