Fish Tank Refuge Filtration

Fish Tank Refuge Filtration

Sump and Refugium in one tank ! 

Looking for a sump and refugium system that works? Tranquil marine Services can supply custom made Sump refugium tanks to order! 

With a sump based refugium, the refugium is a second tank which you place below your real tank. This "work" tank is usually kept under wraps and handles your water pump action for reef tanks as well as manages extra filtration.

Our Basic design is pictured to the right and detailed below.

  • Water drops from the main tank into the first section (back left) where it travels through the first baffle.
  • The water then travels through the next section this is where the  filter media is housed and good bacteria is allowed to flourish. The design forces all water flow through the filter media to ensure high quality water. 
  • The water then travels through the second baffle an turns the corner, coming along the front. At this point you can have a internal skimmer or place a pump directly after the second baffle to run a external skimmer, returning the water just before the third baffle.
  • The water then travels through the third baffle to the refugium section. In this section we recommend placing Miracle Mud, Live Plants and a clean up crew of snails and hermit crabs. 
  • The water then travels through the fourth baffle to the last section where the water is returned to the main tank above. the pump can be internal or a hole drilled for a external pump.

With this design you are able to have your sump and refugium all in the one tank under your main display tank.

Hint- T off your return pump placing a tap above the T piece to run other equipment like UV's, Reactors and Chiller. Reducing the amount of pumps needed, cutting back heat and electricity usage.

The direction or water flow and the size of the sections can be made to order to allow for your equipment to fit. The design pictured is made for a external skimmer. If your using a internal skimmer the front turn section can be extended to allow the skimmer to fit.

Sump Refugium Estimate Cost
Size Estimated Cost
900x450x450 $250.00
900x600x600 $300.00
1200x450x450 $350.00
1200x600x600 $400.00


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