Salt Water Deliveries

Salt Water Deliveries

At Tranquil Marine Services we offer a saltwater delivery service, ranging from 10L to 1000L per delivery. Our salt water comes straight from the ocean at high tide to achieve the best quality water. Water collected is also filtered using 200 micron filter sock to remove excess detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates.

Once we arrive we will inspect your system turn off filtration and start to drain the required water from your tank. Once completed we will pump fresh sea water into your aquarium. Replenishing vital natural elements required to keep a healthy marine fish tank.

Take all the hassle out of mixing your own salt water - schedule in your regular time and day and we will deliver fresh sea water for you.

If you prefer to do your own water changes on your loved marine fishtank and have a water storage drum we can simply come and fill your drum for you in under 20 minutes. Take advantage of our drum fill service and save money and time.

We also offer a discounted delivery for Saltwater deliveries of 700L or more. See Pricing scale below. 

Service Cost

Water Volume Water Charge
100L $11.00
200L $22.00
300L $33.00
400L $44.00
500L $55.00
600L $66.00
700L $77.00
800L $88.00
900L $99.00
1000L $110.00

Delivery Pricing 

Brisbane Area Delivery $55.00
Gold Coast Area Delivery $44.00

All Prices are inclusive of GST

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