Live Rock

Live Rock

Christmas Tree Worms on Live Rock
Spirobranchus Giganteus, commonly known as Christmas Tree Worms

Tranquil Marine Services is now please to offer Live rock for purchase. We can deliver from Coolangatta to Brisbane.

Live rock is rock taken from the ocean which is usually encrusted with Coralline and inhabited by marine organisms. Live rock is used in saltwater aquariums as a main source of nitrifying bacteria, important roleplayers in the nitrogen cycle that processes waste from aquarium inhabitants into less toxic forms. Live rock, especially when encrusted with multiple colors of coralline algae, can also be a major decorative element in a saltwater aquarium. Used to aquascape your aquarium to make it look as natural possible. The benifits of live rock are endless.

We have 4 different types of live rock available

Base Reef rock

As the name implies, this rock is generally used as the base bits of rock when building your rock wall. it is generally covered in sponges and other bits of coral and plant life.

Green Live Reef Rock

This rock is covered in plant life and a mixture of small coral bits, sponges and other organisims. This rock is great to use at the medium to high level of your tank.

Premium Red rock

This rock is covered in coralline algae, and bits of small coral, sponges and other organisims. This rock is great used at the main front facing parts of your display wall, the great colours make it a eyecatching addition to your aquarium.

Premium Christmas Rock

This rock is covered in coralline algae and unlike all the other rock is not solid bits. This rock resembles a tree like structure. It is very fragile, is perfect for sea horse tanks and small tanks to provide places for small fish to live. Also looks great as the final top pieces to your tank disply.


Rock Pricing

Rock Type Amount Price
Base Reef Rock 20Kg Box $270.00
Green Live Reef Rock 20Kg Box $280.00
Premium Red Reef Rock 20Kg Box $300.00
Premium Christmas Live Rock 20Kg Box $300.00

Delivery Pricing

Brisbane Area Delivery $55.00
Gold Coast Area Delivery $44.00

All Prices are inclusive of GST

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