Pond Maintenance indoor – outdoor

To keep your Pond in pristine condition you need to regularly clean and maintain your pond, filtration plants, fish, and most of all water quality. To achieve this regular water changes are needed as well as a good clean.
We will come to your home, office or business, clean and maintain your pond and  preform a water change and remove any algae and dead plant life.

We will simply schedule you a regular time and day to have your aquarium cleaned and the water changed, we can even sms you the day before as a reminder and to check if your need food or supplements. Then simply sit back and enjoy.

Our Pond Maintenance Involves

  • Check of all Fish and Plant Life
  • Clean Pond Surroundings
  • Clean and Check filtration and operation
  • Removal algae
  • Clean Rocks and substrate
  • Water change
  • SMS appointment reminder
  • Food Delivery if required
  • Parts, Pumps as required

Service Cost

Service Charge – Gold Coast Area $88.00* per Hour
Service Charge – Brisbane Area $99.00* per Hour

* Minimum 1 hour Service Charge for all call-outs. Additional time charged in ½ (half) hour increments (eg: $44 per 30 minutes in Gold Coast Area / $49.50 per 30 minutes in Brisbane Area).

All Prices are Exclusive of GST

Call us now on 0450 224 708