Aquarium Removals

Aquarium Removals

Take all the hassle and stress out of moving and have Tranquil Marine Services come do it for you!

At Tranquil Marine Services we offer a Fish Tank Removal service, if your moving home or office give us a call and we can take care of moving your fish tank, fish, coral and live rock to your new home or office.

Once we arrive we will inspect your system and work out how best to dismantle your fish tank for a safe journey we will then turn off the filtration and start to drain the water from your tank, bag all your fish and coral and box them in polystyrene box with a lid to help reduce stress on the trip. With the most care taken we will then move your fish tank to your new home or office.

Arriving at your new location we will put your fish tank back together making sure all pumps are clean and working correctly and pump fresh sea water or fresh water into your aquarium. Replenishing vital natural elements required to keep a healthy marine fish tank. Then we will start to add your fish and coral back to your tank, once complete we will do a final clean up so all that is left for you to do is enjoy your fish tank in your new home.

Our goal is to “Take all the hassle and stress out of moving”

Service Cost

Removal Fee per Hour –     2 guys $165.00*
Removal Fee per Hour –     4 guys $265.00*
Salt Water Charge per/100L $11.00

+Out of area Travel time – $40.00 per hour
* 2 Hour Minimum
** Removals are strictly cash or EFTPOS on the day ONLY.

All Prices are Exclusive of GST
Or Call 0450 224 708